In a classic red herring twist right out of, say, Tales From The Darkside, Warner Bros. has chosen a director for its Leonardo DiCaprio-produced Twilight Zone movie—and it’s someone no one saw coming. It was, in fact, you all along—or to put it in another, more accurate way, according to Deadline it’s Cloverfield and Let Me In’s Matt Reeves, who apparently beat out all of those earlier short-listed contenders Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuaron, and Rupert Wyatt. Of course, perhaps their supposed interest was but a ruse intended to spark paranoid bickering among the denizens of the Internet, to conquer them by letting them destroy themselves. We were standing out here all set to crucify someone! We were all set to find a scapegoat! We were all desperate to point some kind of finger at the guy who directed Transformers! Well, believe me, the only thing that happened was we ate each other up alive! Anyway, Reeves will direct from a new draft of the script by Jason Rothenberg—whose only credit is the TV movie Body Politic, but still, look where snap judgments got us—and as previously reported, it will be a single, standalone story, rather than an anthology. Oh, is that what you might have expected? Clearly you’ve learned nothing today.