In keeping with the Walt Disney Company‚Äôs longstanding corporate policy of giving things away free to the public because it loves them so much, the Disney Video site today posted Pixar‚Äôs new Toy Story short, ‚ÄúPartysaurus Rex,‚ÄĚ in its entirety online. The six-and-a-half-minute short showed in theaters before the 3-D revival of Finding Nemo, which is a somewhat overwhelming thought: Even on the small screen in 2-D, this is one bright, intensely colorful, vivid piece of mini-cinema. Dumping most of the usual characters in order to follow the hapless toy dinosaur Rex (voiced by Wallace Shawn) on an adventure into the heretofore forbidden realm of the bathroom, ‚ÄúPartysaurus Rex‚ÄĚ shows that in the land of no-armed toys, the tiny-armed toy is the dubstep king. Watch and see: