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Sean Young calls for a boycott of the new Blade Runner movie if Sean Young's not in it

The ongoing Voight-Kampff Test that is the making of another Blade Runner movie has already proposed several hypothetical questions designed to provoke an emotional response. What if it were a sequel that may or may not feature a visibly aged Harrison Ford? What if it were written by the guy who did Green Lantern? And now this scenario:

You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see Sean Young. Sean Young lies on her back, her belly baking in the hot sun, her acting work stagnating after years of well-documented crazy behavior. She’s beating her legs, giving desperate-sounding interviews to Entertainment Weekly, starring in movies with names like Jug Face, trying to turn her career over, but she can’t. Not without Ridley Scott’s help. But according to Sean Young, he’s not helping. Why is that, Ridley Scott?

Alcon—they’re the ones that own it and apparently they have Ridley to direct it — and when I met with them they didn’t make any offer-plans to include me. And when I called Ridley Scott’s office, he doesn’t call me back. So I guess they’re going to go, like, prequel or…I don’t know what they’re going to do. But my official opinion is that, if they don’t include me in it, everybody should boycott it. Because it’s stupid not to have me in it. It’s really stupid. That’s my opinion! I mean, you try to tell people something sensible in Hollywood and sometimes they just don’t listen, you know. And they usually pay the price too, because everybody’s an expert.


Indeed, Sean Young tries to tell Hollywood something sensible—like saying they should cast one of the city’s most notoriously difficult and unstable actresses, as a noticeably much older version of a character who's designed not to age—and for whatever reason, they choose to ignore her. Maybe they’re fed up. Maybe they want to be by themselves. Maybe they’re clinging to the few remaining strands of logic behind making more Blade Runner that they have left. Who knows? It’s completely hypothetical, as is the idea that anyone who cares that deeply about Blade Runner isn’t already planning a boycott.

It’s too bad they won’t listen to Sean Young. But then again, who does?

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