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Sean Spicer turned down Dancing With The Stars

(Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Apparently nostalgic for the thrill of disappointing the American people, Sean Spicer has reportedly turned down a gig as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. This is per TMZ, which reports that Spicer declined the offer from the network—which was apparently eager to see if people’s delight at watching Spicer bumble around on a stage could extend to reality dance competitions, too—citing what he expects to be a “busy schedule” in the Fall. (Also, TMZ’s source said, “He’s not a good dancer.”)

And while that “overwhelming number of commitments” in Spicer’s future sounds fairly ominous, in terms of our need to know which bush the White House communications director-twice-removed is currently scurrying into, it’s not like ABC doesn’t still have a pretty wide roster of ousted White House staffers to approach to fill Spicer’s not-so-dancing shoes.


[via Vulture]

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