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Sean Spicer, buddy, don’t wear a green tie on TV

Screenshot: Twitter

Look: You don’t wear green on TV. You especially don’t wear green on TV if you are the bloviating, gum-filled bully tasked with badgering the press’ questions about your boss’ profoundly unpopular, unconstitutional policies. These are basic rules that are handed out at press secretary school pretty early on.

Sean Spicer, as usual, does not give a shit about the rules, and so he tipped his hat to St. Patrick’s Day by wearing a jovial green tie. And guess what happened? You already know what happened.


It’s a weird little loop, particularly the moment when Sean Spicer’s tie turns into Sean Spicer’s tie turning into Sean Spicer’s tie turning into Sean Spicer’s tie, a perfect visual manifestation of the echo chamber in which he is caged.

Watch him struggle to break free in the full clip below:

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