Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards, the annual ceremony recognizing outstanding achievement in action movies and tits, has added an unexpected reason to tune in besides finding out whether Black Swan’s Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis somehow lose “Best Girl On Girl Scene”: a Fast Times At Ridgemont High reunion, with a special appearance by Sean Penn. The actor will revisit a primordial era when he was just shirtless stoner Spicoli and not everything had to turn into a lecture on the world’s problems all the time, participating in this Saturday’s taping alongside fellow cast members Judge Reinhold, Robert Romanus, Brian Backer, and Forest Whitaker, as well as director Amy Heckerling. For some reason, Robert De Niro will be the one to induct them all into the Guy Movie Hall Of Fame—exercising his blanket license as Robert De Niro, we suppose.

Unfortunately, arguably two of the reasons that Fast Times is such a “guy movie” in the first place won’t even be there: Jennifer Jason Leigh is too busy on Broadway, while Phoebe Cates has simply said she is “unavailable”—which suggests either she’s miffed at losing “Decade Of Hotness” to Jennifer Aniston, or she doesn’t relish the idea of talking about how many dudes have pleasured themselves to her pool scene over the years. Though no doubt they’ll talk about that anyway; find out for yourself when the Guys Choice Awards airs June 10 on Spike TV.