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Sean Penn has been frequently noted as being Hollywood’s biggest barrel of laughs, showing his abundant sense of humor by joshing around with photographers and nudging Tree Of Life director Terrence Malick in the ribs by publicly questioning the purpose of his role in the film. So, being the walking, talking, acting gag machine that he is, it’s curious that Penn would take on directorial duty for a film titled The Comedian which is, in fact [pause for full, facetious effect] a drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the man who could’ve been the Farrelly Brothers’ Larry Fine will begin shooting The Comedian in the spring of 2012, with his Carlito’s Way co-star Al Pacino in the titular role of a washed-up sitcom star seeking a return to the spotlight. As a contrast to Penn’s lighthearted ways, noted miserablist Kristen Wiig will also star opposite Pacino as a woman who “turns his world sideways,” probably through her sullen yet deeply moving use of doll hands in place of her real hands.


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