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Sean Hannity would like you to know he does not gargle piss

Credit: Paul Zimmerman / Stringer / Getty

Earlier today, it sure looked like Sean Hannity, a strong-jawed Dreamworks character whose over-heated hubris inadvertently teaches children about the dangers of building a highway right through the old forest preserve, had retweeted an account with the memorable name “hannity gargles piss.” Hannity is a noted drunk tweeter—who isn’t!—and someone had suggested at just past midnight last night that he crack a cold one, a suggestion with which Hannity was most definitely down, as evidenced by this screengrab from Mediaite:

Screenshot: Mediaite

In actuality, Hannity had just retweeted the suggestion from writer Chris Caesar, who later changed his name on Twitter to “hannity gargles piss” so as to create the optical illusion that Hannity had unwittingly retweeted the more inflammatory name. Caesar explained it thusly:

Hannity has since deleted the offending tweet, thus tacitly asserting that he does not, in fact, gargle piss, or that if he does it is not proudly enough to admit on the internet. He is now back to being extremely mad online, presumably while Fox News handlers poke him with a stick until it’s time for him to go on air and enflame the racial resentments of uncles everywhere.

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