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Sean "Diddy" Combs makes bubble bath apology for setting off "vodka wars"

Amidst all the ideological bloodshed over censorship being spilled today, it’s easy to forget that there’s a real war raging out there—specifically the “vodka wars” recently set off by Sean “Dubitably” Combs when he declared that if you were not enjoying the fine taste of his Ciroc brand vodka, you were, in fact, “drinking pee pee.” In order to quell any potential uprising and stop these vodka wars before they can cause any more needless vodka casualties, Combs has now issued a YouTube “apology,” which he delivers while sitting in a bubble bath. Unfortunately, his apology appears to be nothing but flagrant boasting, sure to invite further retaliation—along the lines of when Combs’ new sworn enemy, “liquor tycoon M.J. Silver,” tried to deliver “a toilet full of Ciroc vodka to Combs’ Manhattan offices"—and thus escalate this vodka war that no one was particularly paying attention to even further. But it's sort of funny, we suppose. Hey, remember when rappers used to have real feuds and talked about shooting people in the face and stuff instead of throwing down over the superior tastiness of their coconut-flavored liquor? Those were good times. Anyway, on to the commercial…

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