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Sean Connery comes out of retirement to play skateboard-riding grandpa

Absent from screens since 2003’s The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sir Sean Connery—like many actors before him—seemed to have ended his career with a slow ebb, gradually realizing that gallivanting around in comic-book movies and shouting, “You’re the man now, dog!” at black teenagers was no way to spend his august years. It was a regrettable yet graceful exit, and unfortunately only one of those adjectives applies to Sir Billi, Connery’s forthcoming return to movies. As you can see from the promo reel below, Connery has provided the voice for a creepy animated grandpa who’s tasked with saving a couple of beavers from drowning for some reason. Assisting him on his quest is his tracksuit-wearing pet goat (played by Alan Cumming), prompting the tagline, ““Can this octogenarian and his goat save the day?” Oh, and at one point, Connery’s character rides a skateboard; at no point does this make any sense.  [HT to /Film]

UPDATE: Since some readers have clung to the possibility that this is a fake, here's an interview with Connery about the project, offered with our sincerest apologies.

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