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Seal to play Pontius Pilate in Tyler Perry’s live Jesus musical

"My power, my pleasure, my painful realization I'm a pawn in Jewish religious politics." (Photo: Getty Images)

Multi-platinum recording artist and notorious kisser of roses Seal has joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s The Passion, the live Jesus musical that’s set to debut on Fox on Sunday, March 20. Seal—whose more recent career includes 2015’s 7 and a stint as a judge on the Australian incarnation of The Voice—will play Biblical figure Pontius Pilate, the Roman official who sentences Jesus Christ to death.

But did you know, that in the show, his hands become washed, and the sins that he’s got can’t be seen? We can only hope that such brilliant Batman Returns references will appear in the program’s actual soundtrack, which is apparently using modern popular music to tell a present-day (but with, you know, crucifixions) story of Christ’s final days. Perry himself, meanwhile, will play the show’s narrator, while Jencarlos Canela, from NBC’s Telenovela, will play the Big J.C.


[via Deadline]

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