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Seal Team 666 to make elite secret-ops missions less boring by adding monsters and The Rock

While the cinematic tributes to the Navy’s SEAL Team Six have so far focused on the rather dry, boring details of their daring tactical raids against the world’s most dangerous terrorists, MGM will attempt to make that sort of thing into a gripping movie by adding both supernatural elements and The Rock. The Hollywood Reporter says Dwayne “Referring To Me As ‘The Rock’ At This Point Only Belittles My Distinguished Acting Choices, Such As Starring In A Movie That You Just Know Was Pitched As ‘Zero Dark Thirty Meets Men In Black, or also DOOM, Remember That?'” Johnson has signed on to star in Seal Team 666, a film based on a title that author Weston Ochse came up with, then was obligated to write a whole novel about.

As one might infer, Seal Team 666 concerns an “an elite group of Navy SEALs who battle demons and assorted threats and discover that there’s a greater supernatural force bent on destroying the world,” at which point they experience a philosophical crisis that has them questioning the very nature of evil, and whether this force’s existence isn’t itself a manifestation of all the questionable violence they themselves have perpetrated in the name of an often self-serving, unilaterally defined idea of morality. Just kidding; The Rock shoots at it with his big, muscle-y arms.


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