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Screw modesty, this website will make sure you're credited for anonymous donations

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Donating to crowdfunding efforts is a convenient way to get creators the money they need for unique projects or to help struggling individuals pay off staggering medical bills, but it can also be a great way to prove that you’re an unquestionably good person. Unfortunately, donating anonymously is the only way to show how truly selfless you are, and that anonymity pretty much negates any public accolades you’re going to get for your hard-earned $10. That is, until now.


FundMeHeroes is 100% serious and definitely not a goof project from comedian Zach Broussard who, like many of us, was tired of seeing the altruistic efforts of his friends and family go uncelebrated. All you have to do is anonymously donate some money to a worthy cause—like, for example, comedian Jason Saenz recovery and physical therapy fund—and then forward your receipt to iamahero@fundmeheroes.com. Soon, your name will appear in a scrolling list of anonymous donors on the FundMeHeroes homepage, which was designed and produced with help from LA-based Fancy Soups. “We bridge the gap between the satisfaction of donating anonymously to good causes and the joy of people knowing how generous you are,” writes Broussard. “Finally, people will know just how selfless you really are.”

If this level of public recognition isn’t doing it for you, however, you’ll also be receiving a personalized certificate commemorating your heroic sacrifice. Never again will people be able to say you’re not a generous, humble person doing your part to make the world a better place.

Now, get out there and start donating anonymously. Then, get back here to cash in on that sweet karma.


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