An in-the-works Screeching Weasel documentary has been shelved because producers are done dealing with Ben Weasel. According to the staff at Midway Pictures, What We Hate is no longer in production, purely because of the controversial lead singer.

In a post on Facebook, producers wrote that Weasel demanded final cut of the movie, even though he had previously agreed to let Midway make “an honest, thorough documentary.” The filmmakers say that ever since Weasel punched a woman at last year’s SXSW festival, he’s “been a nightmare,” and they’re “no longer allowed to speak with him directly.” Producers also aren’t interested in Weasel’s suggestion of “creative editing,” adding that they’re just sad that the public will never see the interviews they did with Danny Panic, Dan Vapid, Larry Livermore, Mike Dirnt, Fat Mike, Joe Queer, Joey Vindictive, John Jughead, and Weasel himself.