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Screaming Females go "Lights Out" on a new live album

Screaming Females has played more than 900 shows in its relatively short existence, a feat that would cause most other bands to wither and die like a Christmas tree in February. The live grind has made Screaming Females thrive, though, with the trio finding new ways to twist and contort its tracks night after night.

That’s the case with “Lights Out,” a new version of which The A.V. Club is premiering below. Recorded earlier this year in Chicago by Steve Albini, the track is part of the band’s Live At The Hideout, which is due out April 8 on Don Giovanni Records. While “Lights Out” was about four minutes long on 2009’s Power Move, it’s become a 7-minute epic throwdown at live shows, something that’s more than evident in the clip. It’s ferocious, intense, and vicious, just like Screaming Females themselves.


Pre-order Live At The Hideout now if you’re so inclined. The label’s only pressing 500 clear LPs for its mail order customers, and the first 200 orders come packaged with an original photographic print. For those more interested in digital immediacy, the record is also available on iTunes.

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