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Scream’s Carlson Young will have recurring role on Grimm next season

Carlson Young on Scream

TVLine reports that Carlson Young, who plays queen bee Brooke on MTV’s Scream, will have a recurring role on the fifth season of Grimm as a woman who gets caught up in some kind of Wesen feud. She’ll play Selina Golias, a woman who is forced to “hide the survivor of an attack that resulted in her boyfriend’s death.” We’re not sure if that means Selina’s boyfriend gets killed and survivor’s guilt prompts her to open up her house to a stranger, or if she’s offering refuge to anyone in need. In either case, Selina’s kindness will make her the target of an as-yet-unknown Wesen king (we hear there’s an opening). Young has also played innocent bystander-types on True Blood and Pretty Little Liars.


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