Last year's spectacular critical and commercial failure of Scream 4 would seem to have killed the franchise off for good, but—as evidenced by Harvey Weinstein's shrugging assertion that there may as well be another sequel because worse things have happened in the world, like cancer or the Scary Movie franchise—Scream continues to pop up again and again in last-minute reveals to drag out its third act. Now MTV is developing a Scream television series with the help of Tony DiSanto and Liz Gately, the former network programming heads who inspired their own stabby feelings with the introduction of shows like The Hills and Teen Mom. According to TV Line, no writers are currently on board, and it's not yet clear what role, if any, will be played by either Wes Craven or Kevin Williamson (the latter of whom already has The Vampire Diaries and Fox's The Following to worry about). Also not clear is whether Scream: The Series plans to spend every week acknowledging the inherent irony of being a once-groundbreaking, smart commentary on the formulaic, cipher-stocked nature of horror movies—one long diluted by several sequels—reduced to an only tangentially connected, basic-cable-friendly series from the people behind Jersey Shore. Or, at least, acknowledging it directly.