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Fed up with Scrabble players who claim to be 100-percent sure that their dumb bullshit word is an actual word, Hasbro is now inviting the game’s fans to just go ahead and put their word in the freaking dictionary so we can all move on with our lives already. In a promotion on its Facebook page, Hasbro says that it is updating the official online Scrabble Players Dictionary for the first time in nine years, and it wants regular folk to nominate their own word for inclusion. A press release for the contest suggests such neologisms as “hashtag” and “selfie,” plus other crap that you put on the board knowing full well it wasn’t going to be in the book, because you were losing and you felt like starting an argument.


The nomination thread on Hasbro’s Facebook World Wide Web page is already full of suggestions, which range from the impractical “photobomb”—unlikely to come up in a game of Scrabble—to the sensible “ew.” The latter word has the support of The Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt, who told The New York Times that he uses it every day, so it ought to be in the dictionary. Merritt thus echoed an argument employed by millions of mediocre Scrabble players before him. And now they shall have their day.

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