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Scott Stapp hints he’s Stone Temple Pilots’ new singer, STP denies it

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According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (via Stereogum), Creed frontman Scott Stapp recently appeared on an Atlanta radio show and coyly refused to deny whether or not he’s going to be the new singer for Stone Temple Pilots. This comes a only few months after Stone Temple Pilots announced that they would be holding open auditions for a new singer on their website, with amateur performers encouraged to record videos or audio clips of them singing various STP songs. The point of the plan seemed to be that the band could then pick a new singer from a wider pool than just “singers from other famous bands who aren’t currently busy,” but Stapp’s comments—if you believe them—seem to go against that.

As for what he actually said, Stapp explained that he’s “working on a new album with a new group of guys,” adding that the guys are “from some pretty well-known rock bands.” He says he “can’t really share the details,” but this new band he’s “jamming with” is an existing group with its own name. When pressed for more details, Stapp said that “there is a six-degree separation” between his new project and Stone Temple Pilots, and he even confirmed that he’s using the same tour bus that former STP singer Scott Weiland died on in December, which is both morbid and somehow proof that he’s working with STP.


However, the official Stone Temple Pilots Twitter account has now shot this whole thing down, tweeting that Stapp “is not, nor has he ever been considered as the singer for STP.” That seems like a pretty definitive rejection, so whatever band Stapp is talking about is almost certainly not Stone Temple Pilots. He said in the interview that he’ll be able to make an announcement in June, though, so at least it won’t be too long before we can all finally find out what’s going on with Scott Stapp.

Despite recent comments, Scott Stapp is not, nor has he ever been considered as the singer for STP.

— Stone Temple Pilots (@STPBand) May 2, 2016

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