Besides serving as a nice reminder for anyone with a deadbeat dad that his bullshit will cause you grief long after you think you’re free of him, the character of Stick on Marvel’s Daredevil was great because it gave Scott Glenn the chance to be a royal badass. So for those hoping for more blind-on-blind fights in the coming years, take heart: The show has officially confirmed that Stick will be returning in the next season to deliver sage advice and punishing body blows. (And also hopefully kill another kid or two, because how awesome was that.)


When last we saw the character, Stick had just had his ass handed to him by Matt Murdock and was meeting up with a mysterious scarred man, sitting cross-legged on the floor and surrounded by incense. So, probably a head shop owner, yeah? Stick’s return likely presages a turn to patchouli and scented candles for our hero. Who knew the show would telegraph such an obvious twist? Of course, that’s in addition to Jon Bernthal’s Punisher showing up, along with Elodie Young’s Elektra. Presumably, they’ll all be starting a drum circle.