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Scott Glenn joins Netflix’s Daredevil

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Netflix has been steadily ramping up production of its Daredevil series, but it has yet to announce who’s playing Elektra, arguably the most important supporting player in the whole Daredevil story. She was in the Ben Affleck movie and got her own spinoff, after all, so she’ll probably be in the Netflix series as well. That means every time Netflix announces a new addition to the show’s cast, we’re just going to assume it’s Elektra. Eventually we’ll be right, and then we’ll look really smart.


Speaking of additions to the show’s cast, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that The Leftovers’ Scott Glenn has joined Daredevil as the master assassin Elektra. OK, so EW says he’s playing Daredevil’s mysterious mentor, Stick, but we know that’s just a clever ruse. Who would this white-haired old man be playing other than a young Greek woman? We’re not saying he’s definitely Elektra, but it would make perfect sense if he were. As for Stick, the character he’s supposedly playing for real, he’s a blind martial arts genius who carries a long, wooden pole—or “stick”—and he taught a young Daredevil how to use his super-powered senses to fight crime. But that’s irrelevant, because he’s totally Elektra.

Of course, we could’ve been right the first time when we predicted that Rosario Dawson would be playing Elektra, but that would just make us look stupid for saying Scott Glenn would be playing her. We’ll find out which guess was right when Daredevil premieres on Netflix next year.