Not that it was really up for debate, but a scientific study of several mainstream films about the supernatural—Blade, The Sixth Sense, and Ghost among them—has found that the events they portray are scientifically impossible, reports.

Take Blade. In New Line Cinema's 1998 vampire flick, the fanged night-dwellers feed on the blood of humans, who, once bitten, turn into vampires themselves. Impossible, says [study co-author Costas] Efthimiou—and he uses a basic math principle, geometric progression, to prove it.

He goes on to note that humans could not survive under the conditions this would create, but that's kind of the whole point, no? Who's to say the vampires wouldn't find ingenious ways to preserve the blood supply? They're crafty, them vampires, and to rule that out is unscientific. And why not go for some more esoteric concepts? For example, can a dead serial killer inhabit a gingerbread man?