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Science Channel is rebooting Mythbusters without Adam and Jamie

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It looks like Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters had a lot more in common with Spider-Man than anyone would’ve expected, because the show is already getting an Amazing Spider-Man-like reboot just a few weeks after its series finale. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says the new Mythbusters will air on the Discovery-owned Science Channel, and much like The Amazing Spider-Man, it will feature younger and hipper hosts who are better equipped to appeal to young people. Unfortunately, Andrew Garfield doesn’t have enough of an engineering background to host the new show, so the Science Channel is launching a new reality competition series called Search For The Next Mythbusters that will revolve around discovering an “all-new generation of myth-busting science superstars with mind-blowing build skills and nerves of steel.”

To enter, aspiring myth-busting science superstars can submit videos to Science Channel’s website, and the 15 most mind-blowing contestants will compete on the show to “solve challenges that include classic myths from the show as well as new myths.” Once the winners are selected, Science Channel says it will determine what kind of format the new show will take, basically whether it will be structured like the old one or not. THR’s article suggests that people who used to be involve with the old show might make appearances, but it doesn’t say whether or not original hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are involved.

In other Science Channel reboot news, the network is also bringing back Punkin Chunkin, a show about seeing who can build a machine that will toss a pumpkin the farthest.

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