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Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy to star in AMC comedy Kevin Can F*** Himself

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Fresh off six seasons as Schitt’s Creek’s fabulously evolving Alexis Rose, Annie Murphy is gearing up for a new TV comedy that also almost, but not quite, has a swear in its title. (Albeit one of a decidedly darker bent.) Per Deadline, Murphy has just signed on to star in AMC’s upcoming anti-sitcom Kevin Can F*** Himself, a series about a stereotypical “sitcom wife” who escapes the bounds of her multi-camera personal hell and starts telling stories of her own.

It’s obviously an aggressive pitch, especially since the title feels like a very direct reference to a recently killed-off show that was infamous for doing worse by its maternal lead than most: Kevin James’ Kevin Can Wait, which unceremoniously killed off Erinn Hayes’ Donna in between its first and second season in order to pair James back up with his old King Of Queens co-star Leah Remini. (But hey: At least it freed Hayes up to star in the delightful—and not-canceled—Medical Police.)

Kevin Can F*** Himself, meanwhile, is being developed by Lodge 49 writer Valerie Armstrong, under the auspices of producing team Rashida Jones and Will McCormack. Centered on Murphy’s character, the show will switch between a traditional sitcom multi-camera set-up and a single-camera look, as it jumps between old-school TV comedy and the actual emotional effects it has on Murphy’s character. The series will be showrun by Craig DiGregorio, previously of Kevin (Probably) Saves The World, because if there’s one thing this show is proving, it’s that TV producers have a bizarre obsession with people named Kevin performing verbs in the titles of their shows. (Just please, don’t tell that to The B**** In Apartment 23.)

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