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Scarlett Johansson is confused about memes and if they move

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While trying to get some good Avengers: Endgame spoilers out of Scarlett Johansson, the good folks over at First We Feast subjected her to their signature “Hot Ones” interview. The concept is to eat 10 hot wings, gradually getting spicier as they go, and see if your focus will break and if words (and secrets) will just start flying. With Johansson, there’s a lot more at stake with Endgame being so damn secretive, but she keeps it together pretty well (Ruffalo, you taking notes?).


The highlight arrives around eight minutes in, when host Sean Evans asks Johansson about her lack of social media. She has zero accounts on the internet and seemingly stays away from it most of the time. While that might be a freeing to think about, it also means that she’s a bit behind on the viral memes of the moment. Luckily, she has the Avengers to fill her in.

Or not, as they apparently failed to explain to her 1) what a meme even is and 2) that the “most ambitious crossover event” meme exists. If you’re unaware of the meme, which aims to posit a crossover more epic than Infinity War, First We Feast has provided an example. They also gave her showed her some in-interview memes, with ScarJo approving a Space Jam one and wrinkling her forehead at one involving Pop-Tarts and ravioli.

She ends that round with the incredulous question, “Is that a meme? Or does a meme move?” Sean Evans is everyone when he just goes, “This is awesome.” For someone not on the internet, her confusion makes sense, but it doesn’t make it any less funny. Show her a Vine compilation, stat!

Elsewhere in the interview, she touched on how she couldn’t keep her 5-time host jacket from SNL, how Lucy was a big hit with Meryl Streep, and how she loves magic tricks. Ever the team player, she makes it through all the hot sauces (at her expense, it seems) and doesn’t really break when he gets to the big spoilery Endgame questions. Was her massive reaction during the “Does Captain America die?” question a “yes”? Or just her losing all her taste buds? Guess you won’t find out until April 26.

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