Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie

Production is moving forward on Paramount and Dreamworks Pictures’ Western adaptation of Japanese anime/manga classic Ghost In The Shell. The movie has its box-office superstar, its updated-for-contemporary-relevance version of a villain, and even an actual Japanese person—a living legend, even. And now, there’s visual proof that this movie is happening, and not just the result of a stoned brainstorming session between Paramount head Brad Grey and a roomful of college sophomores. Deadline reports the project has released a first-look image of Scarlett Johansson as the kickass covert ops cyborg, and the results are—unsurprising, shall we say?


Here, we can see a nice image of what we might as well term Scar-Jo’st In The Shell, looking very seriously at some sort of cross between a reflective surface and a textbook depiction of chlorophyll hard at work in the average leaf. She’s got the hairdo, and Lucy already proved Johansson is great at carrying an over-the-top sci-fi conceit, so there’s nothing here to give anyone pause, unlike, say, the early looks at Batman V. Superman. So carry on, live-action revamp of a beloved animated classic, as the only thing that could bring us down is remembering that the director is the dude whose only feature-length credit is Snow White And The Huntsman.