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Hail Caesar, the Coen brothers’ upcoming drama full of fake Hollywood movie stars, continues to cast lots of real Hollywood movie stars, because that is how movies work—all of which will be explained in Hail Caesar. Today Variety reports that Scarlett Johansson is in talks to join a cast that already includes George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, and Channing Tatum, potentially playing a 1950s starlet who becomes pregnant just before cameras roll on her next film, creating yet another problem for Hail Caesar’s studio fixer character to solve. (For example, by dangling a box of instant mashed potatoes in front of her stomach at all times.) Meanwhile, The Wrap also says that Tatum could be reunited with Jonah Hill—though it’s unclear whether they would share any scenes together, as Hill’s role isn’t yet known. Still, with Tatum supposedly playing a “Gene Kelly-type,” it’s probably safe to say Hill will play Judy Garland.


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