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There’s a “new world of Widows” in the latest trailer for ScarJo’s standalone Marvel movie, which tracks the late Avengers’ action-packed family reunion between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Consider it a victory lap of sorts of Johansson, who scored two Oscar nominations yesterday, and co-star Florence Pugh, whose turn in last year’s Little Women also put her in the running for a statue.


Will Black Widow net them more nominations? Probably not, but Cate Shortland’s film looks fun as hell, with David Harbour and Rachel Weisz hamming it up as Red Guardian and Melina, respectively. Also on hand in this trailer is the Taskmaster, a villain (?) who looks to be mirroring Black Widow’s every attack. Have the AIs infiltrated the Marvel universe, too?

Watch the new footage below ahead of the film’s May 1 release date.

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