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Scaramucci’s day gets even worse as Harvard accidentally declares him dead

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, Jim Watson)

The Mooch wouldn’t be The Mooch if he could get through a day without doing things to the max, so even though he just got fired as Donald Trump’s communications director after a little over a week with the job, things are somehow still getting more and more ridiculous for Anthony Scaramucci. As reported by The Washington Post, a new alumni directory for Harvard Law School recently came out, and it accidentally listed Scaramucci as having died since the last directory came out in 2011. Basically, he’s probably having a pretty lousy day.

The Washington Post story says it’s “unclear” whether or not this is a simple typo or a weird prank, but Harvard Law has released a statement apologizing for the mistake and claiming that the error will be fixed in “subsequent editions.” That makes it sound like Scaramucci will remain dead—at least as far as the Harvard Law alumni directory is concerned—until the next version of it comes out in however many years.


At this point, the only way Scaramucci’s Monday could get more ridiculous is if he were to share a new expletive-filled rant about how much he hates Trump and everybody in the administration, but America probably isn’t that lucky.

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