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Say “Valar morghulis” to this look at all of Game Of Thrones’ last words

Game Of Thrones

People die a lot of Game Of Thrones. (We’ll pause for a moment so you can go pick your monocle up from where it just rolled down under the couch.) But while all men (and women, and children, and dogs) in Westeros may die, they don’t all get to go out with equal eloquence or verbal grace.

That’s the takeaway from an Imgur image set posted by Game Of Thrones subreddit member ControvT, compiling the final utterances of every major character to die on the HBO series. (52 in total, presumably because nobody cares what, like, Lancel’s final words managed to be.) The quotes run the gamut, from badass boasts—like Syrio Forel’s “What do we say to the god of death?”—to the heart-breaking—like Ned Stark’s forced fealty to royal shithead Joffrey Baratheon—and from the enigmatic—“Hodor”—to the blatantly obvious (“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”)


You can see the whole collection of quotes—reliving all your favorite mortal coil-hopping moments, or just pushing on the bruise of the Blackfish’s death—in the slideshow below, or view the whole Imgur gallery here.


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