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Suggesting that director and TV producer Antoine Fuqua might have had so much fun remaking a Hollywood classic lately (in the form of his upcoming The Magnificent Seven), that he just can’t bring himself to stop, Deadline is reporting that the Training Day creator might be signing on for a new Scarface movie soon. Fuqua is reportedly in talks with Universal to helm a recreation of Brian De Palma’s classic dorm poster inspiration, itself a remake of a 1932 film by Howard Hawks.

Like a Cuban refugee bobbing in a Miami harbor, dreaming of a life of excess, power, and blow, the idea for a Scarface remake has been floating around for a while now. Back in 2014, Chilean director Pablo Larraín was attached to the project, which would have followed an up-and-coming Mexican drug dealer as he scrambles for power and prestige. Last year, meanwhile, Straight Outta Comptons Jonathan Herman was attached to write the script, taking over for Fuqua’s old Training Day screenwriter David Ayer. (He of the tattooed murder clowns and squads what suicide of late.)


It’s not clear whether Fuqua’s take on the project will follow up on Larraín’s ideas, or if he’ll just do what he always does, and find a way to put Denzel Washington in the leading role. (Not that we’re complaining, to be clear.) Fuqua’s been pretty busy lately, after all; besides Magnificent Seven, he’s executive producing on the Training Day CBS series, and seems to be selling new TV shows to networks on a more or less weekly basis.

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