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NBC’s Parks And Recreation may have drawn to its artful close, but fans can still take one more jog around the block of the show’s fictional Pawnee, Indiana with this fan film of the sitcom’s shooting locations. The short covers the show’s various stand-ins in the Los Angeles area, from “J.J.’s Diner” in Sherman Oaks (the Four N’ 20 on Van Nuys Boulevard) to “Rent-A-Swag” in Studio City and the “Pawnee City Hall” in Pasadena (the Pasadena City Hall, featured in The A.V. Club’s own Pop Pilgrims series back in 2013). Notably not featured: Leslie and Ben’s new home from the final season of the show, the subject of this week’s Expert Witness.


Here’s the full list of locations from the video’s YouTube page, should you want to hop in the car and take the tour in person:

Pawnee City Hall: Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena,CA
Leslie’s House: 2358 Highland Avenue, Altadena, CA
The Pit and Anne’s House: 5655 Murietta Ave., Van Nuys, CA
The Quiet Corn: 341 Adena St., Pasadena, CA
Tom’s Bistro: Delancey, 5936 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood,CA
Rent-A-Swag: 12059 Ventura Place, Studio City,CA
April and Andy’s House: 12718 Valley Spring Ln
Pawnee Book Store: Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena,CA
JJ’s Diner: Four ‘N 20, 5530 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA
Smallest Park in Indiana: 4378 Kraft Ave., Studio City, CA

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