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Say auf wiedersehen to sanity with this eerie trailer for Peter Strickland's In Fabric

Peter Strickland, the beguiling art-horror director behind indelible curiosities like Berberian Sound Studio and The Duke Of Burgundy, will soon unveil his latest, an A24 nightmare plucked from the retail counter. Called In Fabric, it spins unease from a cursed dress afflicted with an “unspeakable evil.” The first trailer for the movie only hints at the nature of that evil, but it does nothing for the skin, that’s for sure.

Game Of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie co-stars in the film with Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Hayley Squires, and Leo Bill in a movie we were consumed by at last year’s Fantastic Fest, despite its alienating strangeness. Our biggest surprise? Just how funny it was. “It made me laugh out loud more than any other film at Fantastic Fest ... and Strickland’s ability to convey tactile sensations in the visual medium of cinema remains unmatched.”


“You who wear me will know me,” we have to admit, is a perfectly perfect scrap of ominousness. Watch the trailer below.

A festival standout, the film’s wide release premiere has yet to be announced.

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