With Justin Lin becoming the world’s first person to say maybe that’s enough with the Fast And Furious movies already, Universal has moved on to finding a new director who can "steer" the franchise toward its seventh film, which is amusing because cars. Deadline reports that the studio has settled on James Wan to oversee its next generation of car chases, with Wan’s work on Saw demonstrating he’s definitely familiar with movies based around elaborate, interlocking systems of mechanical death-traps. Wan has also made a few forays into applying his love of overworked contraptions to the action genre of late, including helming the Kevin Bacon-starring revenge thriller Death Sentence and developing New Line’s big-screen adaptation of MacGyver. Still, he’s obviously best known for his horror movies, stoking anticipation that Fast And Furious 7 could feature a scene where Vin Diesel learns that the only muscle car that can save him has been surgically implanted just behind his eyeball.