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Saw 3D ad pulled after upsetting British child

An ad for Saw 3D: This Is Still Profitable was pulled from UK TV following complaints by a 10-year-old British child, who argued that the trailer was “distressing” and “inappropriately scheduled” presumably while attempting to prevent his giant lolly from dripping on his waistcoat. Little Herbert Pocket apparently saw the commercial during an episode of The Gadget Show, where it aired around 8:30 p.m. in accordance with its restriction to the post-7:30 hour. However, following the complaint, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the Saw preview—which features scenes where a movie audience is “suddenly trapped by metal restraints" and where a figure "reached out and pulled a cinema-goer back towards the screen”—could not be broadcast until after 9 p.m. so as to avoid further distressing children who “might not make a clear distinction between the scenes from the film and the scenes in the cinema,” but who are nevertheless given to describing such things as “distressing” and “inappropriately scheduled.”

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