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Savvy Internet study reveals that Joaquin Phoenix has a face on his forehead

The story of humanity is the story of science and discovery: We harnessed electricity and learned to fly; we eradicated some of the world’s most deadly diseases and created a virtual network capable of delivering information to anyone, anywhere in the world, in just a matter of moments; we even put a man on the moon, and we discovered a man on Joaquin Phoenix’s face.

Yes. You read that right. Joaquin Phoenix has face on his face. On his forehead, to be exact.


Here’s a rotated screen shot of Joaquin Phoenix’s face from Her:

And here’s a closer-up screen shot of the face that exists on Joaquin Phoenix’s face:


Eyes, beard, nose, and mouth. It’s not exactly how the pre-school anatomy song goes, but it is definitely indicative of a face on Joaquin Phoenix’s face.

Here’s a video that slowly reveals this breakthrough discovery, courtesy of eagle-eyed YouTuber anfa67, who apparently discovered the face-within-the-face during Joaquin Phoenix’s critically acclaimed performance in Her.

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