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Save your Disney+ money: This Lady And The Tramp trailer has the spaghetti scene

Oh man, if Disney was hoping to get some money from hardcore Lady And The Tramp fans once the Disney+ streaming service launches, it really fucked up with this new trailer for the live-action remake of the classic dog movie. Not only does it basically spoil the whole story (dirty dog from the streets falls in love with upper-class dog from a fancy house), but it shows a fairly big chunk of the one scene everybody wants to see. You will have to pay to see the dogs kiss over a piece of spaghetti, but why bother doing that when you can see the one dog nuzzling a meatball over to the other dog for free? That’s just as good—if not better! The spaghetti kiss is overplayed at this point, but nuzzling the meatball is still an iconic example of Hollywood romance. You’ll still have to pay if you want to watch a bunch of cool Marvel cartoons, Gargoyles, the Marvel movies, and a literal crapload of Disney movies (both old and new, and beloved and forgettable!), but if you were holding out for Lady And The Tramp, well, you’re welcome.


If you’re a fool (or if you’re curious to hear the new, non-racist song the cats sing), Lady And The Tramp will premiere on November 12.

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