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The economy is an incredibly dense and vast topic that few understand and even fewer can explain. This really sucks for journalists, as it’s all but impossible to make economic coverage tolerable to the average viewer. So, in an effort to get people to actually care about what boils down to a bunch of numbers changing pretty incrementally, they try to get people invested by putting a human face on an economic story or by cramming so much information into such a short period of time as to make it completely meaningless.

With this in mind, Charlie Brooker, creator of the excellent Black Mirror, has put together the end all be all of economic reports. The report, given by Weekly Wipe correspondent Emily Surname serves as a template for all past, present, and future attempts to report on the economy. In an excellent impression of the BBC cadence, it talks about numbers, how those numbers effect people, and tries to make you sad. And who’s to say that’s not enough.

[via kottke]


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