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Save some time, watch all 100 episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang! at once

(Screenshot: IFC)

IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! unleashed its hundredth episode last night, with host and creator Koosh Rubberstrand sitting down with Zach Galifianakis to herald the TV milestone. Nestled deep in the world of talk-show parody, Soccermom’s show is relatively light on continuity—it’s far more likely to demand viewers recognize a plot point from an obscure ’80s action movie or old TV show than its own tangled backstory—but that doesn’t mean you might not want to brush up now that it’s officially syndication-ready. Luckily, IFC has decided to help all you budding Reggiephiles out, releasing all 100 episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang! online. And to save space and time, they’ve done it in a single video frame.


In what feels like a very Adult Swim move, you can now watch 100 different Comedy Bang Bang!’s, featuring 100 different Stop Gapperman’s (and 90 or so different pleasant sweaters, give or take a Halloween episode here and there), as they welcome guests to their show, banter with a variety of band leaders, and just generally exist as an amorphous comedy blob. Turn the sound—also from all 100 episodes, also playing simultaneously—down, and it’s weirdly relaxing, as random phrases and celebrities emerge from the fog, only to quickly recede. Plus, if you’ve been putting off watching the show for some reason, this’ll take way less time (and cover more episodes) than a boring old Netflix binge.

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