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Sausage Party director to get his greasy hands all over The Jetsons

(Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

It’s been a while since we checked in on Warner Bros.’ new animated Jetsons movie—two years of whiles, in fact—but The Hollywood Reporter has some fresh news about George Jetson, his boy Elroy, etc. THR reports that Conrad Vernon—the Dreamworks veteran who directed Shrek 2 and Monsters Vs. Aliens, before moving into more adult fare as half the directing team on Seth Rogen’s recent hit Sausage Party—has been tapped to helm the Hanna-Barbera adaptation.

Presumably, Vernon’s kid-friendly new project will shy away from the sexually explicit hot dog buns and murderous douches that marked his last film—although hey, it’s the far-future, so who really knows? For its part, Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Jetsons project off the ground for decades now, following in the footsteps of failed live-action versions from Paramount and Universal in the 1990s.


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