We’ve already met the Metástasis equivalents for Walt, Jesse, Skyler, and Hank, and even seen a brief trailer, and now there’s even more information on the Spanish-language Breaking Bad remake, thanks to a New Republic feature on how producers adapted Vince Gilligan’s show for Latin American audiences. In addition to reiterating previous reports on some of the cultural differences—such as how motor homes are exceedingly rare in Colombia, so Walt and Jesse will cook in an old school bus—the article also offers some new information on how Metástasis will deal with Saul Goodman, even though the character doesn’t show up until Breaking Bad’s second season. As with the RV situation, lawyers don't advertise with cheesy late-night television ads in Colombia. So instead, the character of Saúl Bueno will host a late-night talk show called Cuéntele A Saúl, on which he doles out legal advice.

The New Republic also delves into some the broader aspects that were changed in order to fit the culture, such as the fact that Walter Blanco’s entire story will get the traditional, telenovela translation—including the mandatory genre concession of using a “swooning soundtrack that erupts at unexpected moments,” such as when Walt gets his cancer diagnosis. Metástasis will debut across Latin America and on Univision station UniMás in the United States later this year.