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Saturday Night Live to wrap up its season with one more episode at home

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SNL’s At Home specials during this pandemic have been surprisingly successful, a testament to the talents of its current cast and everyone else who has been involved in putting these things together, but no good thing can last forever… even if the thing is only good because it’s been a reasonably good distraction during all of this horrible stuff going on in the world. Also, the pandemic is pretty much over, right? We saw Trump and Pence making public appearances without masks recently, so clearly everything is going just fine. But yeah, NBC is going to air one more SNL AT Home episode this Saturday before wrapping up SNL’s somewhat abbreviated and decidedly strange 45th season.


This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says there’s “no word yet” on who will serve as the host or musical guest, but the “host” cameos from Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt as well as the musical guest performances from Chris Martin and Miley Cyrus were all kept secret right up until they aired. It seems safe to assume that whatever happens this week will be a secret as well. On that note, it’s our duty to point out that we have proven to be somewhat good at predicting what happens in these specials, with us saying before the first one that there’d be no way they’d do a “questions from the audience” monologue (they did) and then requesting before the second that they finally bring back “What Up With That” (they did). So, to see if we can go three for three, we’re going to go slightly bolder: We want to see a revival of “The Californians,” with the cast members in blonde wigs talking about driving around California on Zoom. It might be hard to do the “everyone looks at themselves in a mirror” bit, and most of the people from that sketch aren’t on SNL anymore, but it’s not our job to figure this out.

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