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Saturday Night Live to air a second "At Home" episode this week

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Screenshot: Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Saturday Night Live’s attempt to do an episode with the cast at home earlier this month, an experiment forced by the no-end-in-sight nature of the coronavirus pandemic, was reasonably successful. Tom Hanks was there, that Zoom sketch was really funny, and it gave everyone a chance to try out some weird solo gags and mini sketches that would’ve been completely different with a more traditional format. This week, seeing as how there aren’t any big cross-network concert specials going on (or if there are, they need to advertise better), SNL has decided to do what SNL does best: Try the same thing again and hope it’s similarly successful.


This news comes from the SNL Twitter account (via Deadline), which included a fun video of the cast trying to get their dang video chat setups to work (relatable!). There wasn’t any information about what to expect from the episode, but like last time, that’s probably for the best. It was a nice surprise when Hanks showed up, given his COVID-19 diagnosis from earlier in the pandemic, and now that we know it kind of worked out just fine, SNL might be able to pull off some bigger surprises—like, say, a social distancing version of “What Up With That?” Please? Kenan Thompson doesn’t have that much SNL left in him, and we need more “What Up With That.”

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