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Saturday Night Live sets its requisite primetime pre-election special

Saturday Night Live

If you somehow still haven’t figured out who you’re going to vote for, NBC and Saturday Night Live are going to do their best to help you decide with an hour-long pre-election special that will catch everyone up on the most important highlights of this arduous and protracted presidential campaign. This comes from Deadline, which reports that the special will air in primetime on November 7, the day before the election, and that it will feature “clips of recent SNL political sketches.”

That means, unlike this summer’s Republican and Democratic National Convention specials, we probably won’t be getting Colin Jost and Michael Che making timely jokes about voting or surprise appearances from Drunk Uncle and The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party. Instead, we’ll definitely be getting all of the recent cold opens with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, but Deadline isn’t sure if we’ll see any sketches from Trump’s own irritatingly fawning SNL episode last season.


However, if NBC is really smart—and we have no reason to doubt that it is—it’ll make sure to throw in the David S. Pumpkins sketch a few times just to be safe. It may not be election-related, but it’ll at least help people forget about the possibility of Trump actually winning the next day.

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