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Saturday Night Live kicking off SNL Vintage with Richard Pryor episode

Illustration for article titled iSaturday Night Live/i kicking off iSNL Vintage /iwith Richard Pryor episode

Saturday Night Live enters its 40th season this weekend with a heavily turned-over cast and charming host. But for those who believe it’ll never be as good as it was in their day, NBC has also introduced SNL Vintage. Every Saturday night at 10 p.m. EST, a classic episode of Saturday Night Live will air before the new episode of the show, giving the modern players something to live up to.


The series begins this weekend with the first season episode featuring Richard Pryor and musical guest Gil Scott-Heron, which originally aired December 13, 1975. This is probably best known as the episode where Pryor and Chevy Chase engage in some racist word association that ends in Chase calling Pryor… well, you know. Next weekend’s episode will feature Christopher Walken’s insatiable need for cowbell and musical guest Christina Aguilera.

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