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Saturday Night Live, Jessica Chastain, and more this week on The A.V. Club

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New this week
Our Sundance coverage started today with a film in which Michael Cera takes a wild, drug-filled odyssey. If that’s a sign of things to come, you’ll want to  check back every day from now until next Friday, January 25.


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What are we arguing about this week?
The most commented article this week is Noel Murray’s exploration of how pop culture is changing the perception of nerds and of autism, a worthy topic of discussion for a site devoted to nerd culture.

This weekend
See: We never expected this to happen, but we’re going to go ahead and put The Last Stand here, with a few reservations. We have less reservations about Mama, but be prepared for something truly scary.
Read: George Saunders may be the greatest short-story writer of our time, so now would be a good time to check out Tenth Of December, his new collection.
Listen to: Yo La Tengo proves old age won’t slow them down with Fade, and Free Energy proves there’s still room for ’70s Trans-Am rock on Love Sign.
Watch: Take a moment to remember all the shows that were deemed too weird for network TV before watching this week’s American Horror Story. It’ll make it that much more amazing. Girls was also on this week, returning with a solid episode. But you folks don’t have anything to say about that show, right?


This week on The Onion
“Diamond” Joe Biden needs some cash fast. The Onion’s best Trans Am-driving creation has a new Kindle single The President Of Vice: The Autobiography Of Joe Biden. You can pick it up for $2.99 in the Amazon store, and you will probably enjoy it. If you don’t, Uncle Joe has ways of making it up to you.

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