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Saturday Night Live books the comedy stylings of Bruno Mars

Taking the gamble that their shared predilections for R&B and fedoras means Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake are essentially the same, Saturday Night Live has hired Bruno Mars to pull double duty as both host and musical guest on its October 20 episode. Mars previously showed off his "comedy chops" in the Funny Or Die video below by dancing in funny outfits, which may or may not but probably does hint at the general direction of Mars' appearance, save for his absolutely searing impression of Syria's Bashar al-Assad. "Bruno, we're not sure about getting into that whole mess," Lorne Michaels will say, prompting Mars to leap up on the writers' table and give a stirring speech about the responsibility of satire. Anyway, the show also announced that Christina Applegate will join Passion Pit on Oct. 13, returning to host for the first time since 1993—an episode that spawned Matt Foley, in case you haven't thought about Chris Farley being dead in a while.


Bruno Mars' Whatta Man from Bruno Mars


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