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With Kristen Wiig potentially finally outgrowing Saturday Night Live at the end of this season, and Abby Elliott similarly looking for new opportunities (even if they’re not looking for her), Lorne Michaels is once again searching for fresh young females to sacrifice to the sketch comedy volcano and possibly Fred Armisen. Deadline reports that auditions have been happening over the past several weeks, and at least one performer has already made the cut: Kate McKinnon, formerly of LOGO’s Big Gay Sketch Show, will make her debut as a featured player on April 7’s Sofia Vergara-hosted episode, potentially bringing along characters she honed at Upright Citizens Brigade like “The 40-Year-Old 20-Year-Old,” and no doubt eventually debuting impressions like the below one of Jane Lynch. You don’t often see a Jane Lynch impression, after all, so you can bet that Saturday Night Live will damn sure find a way to work in Jane Lynch pretty soon. Maybe, perchance, a talk show?

For Women (part 4): Jane Lynch UCBcomedy.com
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Other performers who have been considered so far: Elaine Carroll, known for the web series Very Mary-Kate; Lauren Lapkus, whose interest in joining the cast promisingly signals an imminent end to Are You There, Chelsea?; and Jessica Joy, a Second City veteran who most recently had a recurring role on The Playboy Club (but is not to be confused with Playboy model Jessica Joy, even though that is indeed confusing). Other performers who have not been considered: Black women.

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