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Saturday Night Live and Jason Momoa resurrect Khal Drogo for the talk show of the dead

Beck Bennett, Jason Momoa
Screenshot: Saturday Night Live

While last night’s shaky Saturday Night Live didn’t make the overwhelming case for Aquaman star Jason Momoa to pursue a Dwayne Johnson-style comedy career sideline or anything, the big lug gave it his all in the face of some pretty disappointing sketches. (Seriously, how do you not nail a “Momoa as Ogre in a Revenge Of The Nerds” parody?) Still, the former Game Of Thrones barbarian gave the people what they wanted, if what the Game Of Thrones fans wanted was to see Momoa’s long-deceased Khal Drogo host a Dothraki cable access talk show called Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo alongside similarly dead but much more easygoing horse warrior Kenan Thompson.

Decked out in all his leathers, tiny beard scrunchies, guyliner, and ever-impressive shirtlessness, Momoa’s Drogo invited other mercilessly dispatched Game Of Thrones characters (Kate McKinnon’s Joffrey, Pete Davidson’s High Sparrow, Beck Bennett’s Hodor) to chat (in mixed Dothraki and Common Tongue) about whatever the largely uninterested warrior-king felt like in between mouthfuls of ribs and the occasional irritated stabbing spree. And if Momoa’s future isn’t necessarily in big yucks, Drogo’s clearly isn’t as a talk show host, as the Khal tersely but understandably asked Hodor “Who You?,” and “Why?” in response to the late lummox’s one-word responses. He was still better at the gig that Chevy Chase or Magic Johnson, anyway. And he did have the right idea when he broke out of his own show to shiv Kyle Mooney’s post-show talk show Talking Dojo. “No more aftershows!”—the war cry of Peak TV.


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