The A.V. Club has featured Scott Bradlee’s Saturday Morning Slow Jams project, in which Bradlee and his band perform soulful R&B versions of classic cartoon themes, before. Since then, the group has been producing a new cover every week, hitting Transformers, Darkwing Duck, Sailor Moon, and many more with their funky interpretations of songs originally designed to hook us when we were kids, hopped up on sugar cereal and cartoon explosions.

Sadly, like your childhood, the nostalgia train must eventually end. The series has reached its conclusion with this cover of the (original) My Little Pony theme, so if you’ve been holding off on listening to these until there was an entire 40-minute album of people crooning and rapping about the Animaniacs or the Muppet Babies to burn through all at once, now’s your chance.


And if you’re the kind of person who can only take about thirty seconds of a slow jam before irritation overtakes nostalgia and you click to the next one, well, at least now they’re all in one place.